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LibreMedia is a project started by the admin of and Amolith, the founder of NixNet.


These pages are not completely finished nor are they necessarily indicative of the final organisation.


PeerTube is a fantastic piece of software. However, many of the instances lack adequate moderation and have accrued a lot of videos imported from YouTube at terrible quality, copious amounts of porn, and a lot of other sub-par content. For PeerTube to be a viable alternative to the YouTube behemoth, there needs to be significant improvements so viewers don't have to wade through, and creators have to be associated with, poor content.


Our main goal is simply to provide a curated source of quality content to viewers and a reliable platform for earnest creators.


Registration is open but video upload is disabled by default. If you want to start posting anything, send an email to the mailing list and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can but it may be up to a week before you get a reply. After we enable your account, uploaded videos will be blocked by default and they'll show up in our queue to unblock or remove as necessary. See our rules and policies to ensure your content isn't removed.

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If your email address is with Microsoft, we will be unable to reply; Outlook is absolutely terrible about rejecting emails from smaller providers, whether they have a good reputation or not. If you do use Microsoft for your email, please consider moving elsewhere. We personally recommend Migadu.

Last update: 2021-04-09