This is just donation info for LibreMedia. For our funding model, please see the related page.

  • Fosspay (preferred)
  • Cryptocurrencies
    • BTC: 1Q3o8Wtji2QS566BExdcPGMk76NjJgHrcz
    • XMR: 4ADApTejsPeCtK2Gq4Cf6dbQvQRa3sR2LNPNKoGjy4QYij4D6rPwgS9NLvNA7dC3QvgHD6Bh2t7WviV3Uz8weAok6MNu2hW

If you send a donation in one of these cryptocurrencies, please send Amolith an email ( and he'll make sure it gets to the right place.

Note: we will not create wallets for XXXcoin. We only accept BTC and XMR.

Last update: 2020-12-13