As with the rest of the services we run, LibreMedia is completely free for users; we pay all of the hosting costs out-of-pocket. However, there is an option to donate and support our work. The servers we have are rather expensive and maintenance/content moderation will be time-consuming.

Donations are currently processed through Stripe with NixNet's fosspay instance. Stripe deposits the funds into Amolith's bank account where they are used according to the destination specified in the Project field. Financial reports are made available as plaintext files at They are signed with Amolith's PGP key and can be verified with the following commands:

curl | gpg --import -
curl -Lo
gpg --verify FILENAMEHERE.txt

At the end of each month, 30% of collected donations will be sent to upstream PeerTube. After that deduction, hosting costs will be paid. Any excess will then be saved as a buffer for hardware failure, potential upgrades, or programmes similar to the PeerTube content bootstrap fund that SourceHut started mid-2020.

Last update: 2020-12-13