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1. Work must be original

Content users upload must be their own; uploading videos someone else created on another PeerTube instance, YouTube, BitChute, LBRY, etc. is prohibited.

Importing via HTTP and BitTorrent is disabled as the original creator should have a copy of the work on their machine. This can of course be circumvented by using a tool such as youtube-dl but the extra step helps discourage the practise. Additionally, YouTube compresses videos and the quality would be poorer than if the source file was uploaded directly. If you're uploading to multiple platforms, it's best to just use the same file.

2. NSFW media should be marked as such

Porn is strictly disallowed but more general NSFW content is permitted. However, it must be marked as NSFW. If it isn't, it will be removed. Users will receive three warnings then a two-week-long block. After that, it's up to the admins how to proceed.

Examples of NSFW content include but are not limited to…

  • Showing nipples, genitalia, suggestive groin shots (any gender)

Examples of NSFW content do not include…

  • Swearing

3. Maliciously offensive videos are prohibited

While we generally take a light hand to moderation, content that is offensive simply to be offensive with no intellectual value will be removed and the user will be blocked for two weeks. After that, it's up to administration how to proceed.

4. Creative Commons licenses are required

The Libre in LibreMedia indicates that media hosted on this instance is distributed under a Creative Commons license. Any of the CC licenses are suitable but NoDerivs (ND) is lightly discouraged as it isn't a free culture license; that idea of building upon other's work is one of the important ideals behind this instance. However, we're satisfied as long as you choose something with CC in the name 😉

5. Videos should be in English

Neither of the current moderators speak more than two languages so multi-lingual moderation is impossible.

Last update: 2020-12-13